IMG_2057 (1)
Two of the 8 hand-stitched handkerchiefs found in the chest

I recently went through an old cedar chest that belonged to my mother.  Inside I found the typical things that mother’s keep: my christening gown and first communion dress, her wedding dress, wedding invitations, and so on.  There were also many pieces of needlepoint work.  My mother used to sew as did her mother and aunts back in Denmark.  In the bottom of the chest, I found eight of these these linen handkerchiefs.  They are identical and perfectly stitched by hand.

It has been 14 years since my mother passed away.  I have no idea who made these or why they mattered to her enough to store with her other keepsakes in her cedar chest.  I do know that they are a part of my family fabric (no pun intended) and I now carry one with me on all of my outdoor adventures.  I feel as though I am bringing some of my family with me on my travels.  It is these little things that make me smile.


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